Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking is Making NBC Nervous

Is Jimmy Fallon an alcoholic who’s gonna sink The Tonight Show? NBC hopes not. Fallon’s alleged excessive drinking has seen him cut off his finger, crack his tooth while supposedly opening a medicine bottle, cut his hand on a Jagermeister bottle and sit alone, probably drunk, in a NYC bar at 3 am.

Actually, you know what, all this makes Fallon’s nice guy shtick totally bearable. Dude sounds like a fun drunk.

According to a NY Post source, Fallon “is a heavy drinker. He sees himself as somebody who needs image rehabilitation.” I’d have to drink heavily also, if I sold my soul to the devil and was forced to pretend to be a happy go lucky, milquetoast comedian. At least he brought The Roots to national attention.

It can’t help that James Corden has gained more cultural significance than Fallon. Corden brought us “Carpool Karaoke which is genius. Extending his brand into 10-minute segments that can be played on YouTube everywhere. That eats away at Fallon and sources can vouch for it.

James is the main competition right now. They do similar things, and people there view him as the competition. He’s even lost some of his staff to Corden. And everyone knows Jimmy loves being the center of attention, so there’s some jealousy there.

Just waiting for the day Fallon tears off his mask and reveals he’s the Antichrist.

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