Justin Bieber Wants to Go on Speaking Tour, Settles for Being Pop Star Instead

Bieber’s tour through the UK cannot go a day without him making odd speeches to his audience.

Now in Scotland, Bieber again asked the crowd to stop screaming during breaks between songs. This time, instead of walking offstage like a petulant child, he calmly addressed the crowd.

Biebs states that he just wants to speak with his fans and thinks it’s unfair to the people trying to listen when everybody else is screaming. He’s trying to connect not “trying to be an asshole.”

Justin also speaks about his failures and says he makes mistakes because he’s “not a robot.” According to HBO’s Westworld, he is showing signs of a malfunctioning host, so the robot thing can’t be completely ruled out.

Maybe Justin will just go on a speaking tour throughout the nation so he can finally get to his fans without all loving yelling. Let’s all hope that this terrible nightmare of screaming fans will end soon for the Biebs.

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