Kate Beckinsale Will Be Single Soon

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman are over.

Wiseman filed for divorce citing irreconcilable difference. According to the docs, both he and Beckinsale have waived their rights to spousal support, there was probably a prenup, and they have no kids together. This means that in the wake of any number of dumpster fire splits starring your fave celebs, this will be the tamest one of all time.

On a scale of amicable split to that thing with Jim Carrey or that other thing where Johnny Depp chopped his fucking finger off when he thought ex Amber Heard was screwing around, this doesn’t even measure.

Apparently the couple has been not feeling it since last November, when Kate chucked her wedding ring into a ravine and was never seen wearing it again, and Len was seen chilling with models.


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matt grey
matt grey
6 years ago

Oh my, the brit snoflake luvies. Thanx len wiseman now we have single super secret agent beckinsale.