Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Spilled Some Bad Blood At Drake’s Birthday Party

Pop music’s 3rd biggest fuckboy Drake had a drama-filled birthday party when he decided to invite all of John Mayer’s exes, including Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Oh, he also invited John Mayer. A source told Page Six “[t]he tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.”

I bet.

“They were put on opposite sides of the room and didn’t even look at each other. Taylor came through the front door with Karlie Kloss and the Haim sisters while Perry entered through the back with a gang of friends, who were inappropriately dressed for the formal affair. Katy and John chatted, but Taylor avoided both of them.”

Oh wow. Two women who don’t like each other avoided each other at a party. Wonder if Taylor will squeeze another mediocre song out of this.

Anybody else not surprised that the queen of petty revenge jams can hold a grudge for an eternity?


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