Kelly Brook Still Making Sexy Calendars For Some Reason

I don’t think I have even seen a printed calendar since 2005. My grandma doesn’t even have one anymore. Kelly Brook should just Snapchat her nudes and suggestive pics like a normal person.

Snapchat your nudes. Tweet your nudes. Instagram your nudes. If you feel the need to go public with them. Kim Kardashian does it 4 times a week.

Let’s be real, slapping the word ‘April’ on top of this doesn’t make it art.

Considering all of these are just her semi-naked on a beach, I couldn’t even begin to guess what month any of these are. Just admit you wanna throw down some yearly nudes. Goddamn.

I guess this is how old people that think the app store has something to do with Applebee’s share their nudes.

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7 years ago

LOL Isadora, you must live under a rock. There’s millions of printed calendars.