Kim Got Robbed Because Kanye Is Poor

Insurance claims are mighty convenient when you’re in a mountain of debt collecting interest. Garbage journalism site, The Daily Mail (which is apparently not afraid of a suit for suggesting the Kim Kardashian West heist was a set up)¬†wants you to believe that Kanye West taking out a $2 million line of credit against his unsellable NYC apartment has something to do with his wife’s robbery earlier this month.

The loan, granted by banking giant, JP Morgan, stipulates that West may be paid cash advances up to $2 million and he has until 2038 to pay it back. He was officially approved as of July 12, but not soon after, the recording artist went ahead and bought KKW a $4 million Lorraine Schwartz diamond to celebrate his Adidas deal.

The ring has since been stolen in addition to other jewels tallying upwards of $5.6 million. KKW has since filed an insurance claim on her stolen possessions.

Does this make Kanye West $55 million in debt or $2 million?

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