Kim Kardashian Apparently Looking For a Body Double

The last dude I heard about getting a body double that wasn’t in a Marvel movie was Saddam Houssein.

In case you live under a rock and don’t know, Kim K was recently robbed at gunpoint, tied up, and thrown in a bathtub in Paris. She is now terrified that her children will be kidnapped. The internet has been having a lot of fun with this, because they are mostly mean and boring.

She is shaken up as hell, because she’s a person, and stuff is getting really fucking intense. She thinks it was probably an inside job, and even the goddamn President of France is getting involved trying to catch the robbers, mostly because rich people aren’t gonna want to come to Paris if they don’t.

According to a source close to Kim:

“There’s a circus that follows Kim’s every move. Her new security team is recommending she employ a body double to help confuse would-be assailants.”

Good luck finding somebody that looks as hot as Kim fucking Kardashian.

[H/T Page Six]

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5 years ago

“Good luck finding somebody that looks as hot as Kim fucking Kardashian.”

Uh huh, and what’s this bullshit? You can find 5 girls in any strip club that look exactly like that whore. F**k outta here with that bullshit.

5 years ago

Any filthy dumpster should be able to pull this off.

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