Kim Kardashian Is Bored Because No One Is Paying Attention to Her

Welcome to my life, Kim Kardashian.

After being robbed and tied up in her Paris hotel room, only for the internet to make fun of her or turn it into a weird sex thing, Kim Kardashian has been keeping a low profile.

I don’t think I’ve seen a new softcore porn looking picture of her uploaded anywhere in weeks.

Honestly, she deserved the break from her usual whatever exactly she does after such a horrifying experience, but it looks like keeping a low profile was starting to get her down. A source told PEOPLE:

“Kim was happy to attend Kanye’s concert last night. She is starting to seem a bit bored. She wants to make plans for more outings and maybe even a trip. Things are slowly getting back to a new normal.”

Good for her man. Bouncing back after something like that happens is hard s**t. She’s even getting back to filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians very slowly.

“Kim still prefers to lay low,” another source says. “She has filmed at home with her sister and Kris on a few occasions. She has been able to pick when she wants to film and how much. There is still no pressure.”

Good for you Kim.

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4 years ago

“after such a horrifying experience” Bull…. it was all staged , like her makeup with shadows around her eyes to show she was “marked” …staged staged staged just keep away fake “Thing”

J wilson
J wilson
4 years ago

it sucks she doesn’t have a husband and kids to keep her busy.

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