Kim Kardashian’s Thieves Could Have Been Tipped Off By Her Own Security

When you’re the most famous woman in the world, you have no chance in hell of being safe. People hate famous people. So you hire security to cope with the overarching fear of death, but then your security fucks you over. This is Kim Kardashian’s story. Following her October 3 robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian returned stateside to be with hubby, Kanye West in NYC, but now French police have an idea of what happened.

French police suspect that the five alleged robbers had some contact with her security and were tipped off about her procedures. They knew there was no security [with her inside her apartment that night]. All they had to do was go in, make contact with someone inside the hotel. They have issues with story of more than one worker at the hotel. They are also talking to bodyguards who worked with her earlier in the week.

According to police, the whole thing looked a little too neat. It should be impossible to get near Kim Kardashian in 2016. But just days after a man tried to assault Kim’s rear, this happens. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. After looking into Kim’s security and other hotel staff, a source discloses:

They did some things that were so unprofessional it seemed like a show.

It is believed the concierge was tied up to keep the image in tact. Who can Kim trust?!

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