Lady Gaga Got Halftime, But Taylor Swift Still Gets Half the Weekend

Lady Gaga may have beat everyone out for Super Bowl LI’s halftime show, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be the only star of the weekend. This just in, Taylor Swift has inked a multi-million dollar deal with AT&T to headline a massive concert event the day before the Super Bowl.

It might come as a shock to some that TSwizzle wouldn’t be vying for the actual Super Bowl show but The New York Post has Swift as a paid endorser of Diet Coke. Why is that relevant? The Super Bowl halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi! And you cannot cross brand streams.

So Swift gets her own show. No football to get in the way. No one to cut her time short. It’s her show. But that’s not all.

The deal not only guarantees a performance out of Swift. She’s between boyfriends right now. AT&T is not dumb and it will also get content. And with Telecom giants trying to take up their own stake in the music industry, it might just be your cellular service provider releasing this snake’s next album.

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5 years ago

Snake? A bottom feeding gossip calling anyone a snake is laughable! The day is going to come when someone like Swift has a private investigator find all of some gossips skeletons and posts them to 250 million people! CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT DAY!

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