Luke Cage Is Racist, According to White People

Just last night, it was Taco Tuesday. My taco bae came over to celebrate Taco Day and I said to him after reading a particularly distasteful review of Queen of Katwe, “white people shouldn’t be allowed to review black cinema.” It’s not about us. It’s there for us to learn.

But with Luke Cage fresh out not damn near a week, the white people have come out to air their grievances from everything about the hero to the villains and the soundtrack. Short answer: it’s racist to white people.

But what’s good here is that as I’m patrolling the #LukeCage hashtag, there are more people mocking these two ill-informed people than there are people posting their support of these two ill-informed people.

Watch Luke Cage, you’ll like it.

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5 years ago

People still talking about this show?

By FAR the worst of the Marvel/Netflix shows. OF COURSE people of both sides are making it about race, and heaven forbid anybody that isn’t black should criticize it! That would be RACIDY-RAYSISS!

Tom Chapplin
Tom Chapplin
5 years ago

if you want to see primates fighting each other, i suggest you to watch discovery channel instead, rather than watch this crap show… friggin apes

Tom Chapplin
Tom Chapplin
5 years ago

such a disgrace for word “superhero”

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