Man Dies For Deez Nuts

2016 is cancelled y’all. I’m out.

Saleina McClain, fiancee of the man who literally died over ‘deez nuts,’ can’t believe that dumb slang led to her fiancee’s death. To be real, I can’t either. Let’s break this down.

32-year-old Joshua Williams shot and killed A’Nickalus Hill, his new roommate, because he used the phrase ‘deez nuts’ in front of a child.


Williams was sentenced to 25 years in prison for literally shooting a man to death over using stupid slang. He killed him while his own children were in the next room.

“Why did you have to kill him over ‘Deez Nuts?” McClain, Hill’s fiancee, asked Williams during sentencing. “It just can’t be that…”

This is fucking absurd.


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7 years ago