Man Smashes Trump’s Star on the Walk of Fame, Trump Smashes His Star Status by Being a Dickhole

If Donald Trump’s star hasn’t fallen far enough, now his Hollywood star has been literally smashed.

Deadline released exclusive video of a man, dressed as a construction worker, destroying Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Working at around 5:45am, there weren’t many around to witness or cheer him on and when police arrived at 6:15am, he was gone.

The smasher says his name is James Otis and that he wanted to auction off the star to raise funds for the women who have come forward accusing Trump of sexual harassment. Hopefully, the star is made of platinum and diamonds, cause it’s going to take a lot to cover every woman he’s groped over the years. I don’t know if computers can even calculate such an astronomical number.

Trump’s star was vandalized earlier this year, when someone put a barbed wire fence around it. Fortunately, that will be the only wall built in Trump’s name.

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Perry de Havilland
Perry de Havilland
5 years ago

Things like this just radicalise and far from discouraging people to vote for Trump, it will actually encourage them to. Personally I think they are both vile… Shelob vs. Gonzo… but anyone who thinks this sort of crap helps Hillary is a moron

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