Mark Cuban Knows Two Women Trump Was ‘Untoward To’

In the middle of an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday before the third presidential debate, Mark Cuban let on that he’s not surprised about all the women coming out claiming that Trump assaulted them at all because he personally knows one woman and of another who was assaulted by him.

When asked if he ever heard anything like this about Trump before Mark Cuban had this to say:

“Yes. Yes, and I know one. And it just didn’t happen recently. My friend reminded me, and it was from 2000. And she, you know, I don’t expect her to come forward. I wouldn’t recommend she come forward. I know somebody else from two years ago that won’t come forward. So, you know, it’s not anything that caught me by surprise.”

Considering women have been claiming Trump assaulted or harassed them for over 20 years, some of them as young as 13, and not even his own daughter is safe, we honestly should not be surprised either.

“I can tell you, my friend that was dating this one woman, just reminded me of the story they told me right after it happened. They put it all down in detail and obviously I remembered it. And then I had another person who contacted me after the race started and told me a story. But I don’t want to go into it. It’s all second- and third-hand, other than to say it’s factually true. I don’t have any doubts that what we’re hearing is true.”

At least nine women have come forward so far, and there’s probably more than we will ever know. So glad this serial sexual assault champion over here is running for president.


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Dave O
Dave O
7 years ago

Mark Cuban needs to quit dying his hair. Apparently, the dye is affecting his brain.