Meme Becomes Reality When 911 Operator Decides She Doesn’t Have Time for Peoples Boring Emergencies

Sweet Brown, hopefully you’re getting a nickel every time someone says “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” In Houston, an emergency operator has used that phrase as an excuse to hang up on 911 callers.

Crenshanda Williams has been charged with interference of an emergency call. Apparently, Ms. Williams would hang up on callers, sometimes in less than 20 seconds, because she wasn’t in the mood. Thankfully, those calls were often trivial. Oh wait, they were all calls when peoples lives were in grave danger. How annoying of them!

Ms. Williams has been working at the Houston Emergency Center since 2014 and she was flagged for her high volume of short calls. After investigation, they found she prematurely ended thousands of calls in a little over a year.

One incident in particular involved a man trying to report an active robbery. After he said the word “robbery,” Crenshanda hung up. He called back and tried to report the robbery again. For this call, Crenshanda did devote a little more time to the caller, she loudly sighed and then hung up. At least she acknowledged his insanely dangerous situation with disdain rather than abject apathy.

The emergency dispatch tracked down the aftermath of the robbery caller and he confirmed he called twice with no response. By the time police arrived at the scene, a man was dead.

Ms. Williams doesn’t just hang up on common folk about to get murdered, she also disconnected a cop trying to report a dangerous speed racing incident. After calling 911, the officer identified himself on the phone and Ms. Williams immediately ended the call. Though she hung up, the recording still captured her saying the famous words “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Hopefully Houston will use fewer Youtube stars for their emergency training and try to give their dispatchers some actual information.

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Texas Black
Texas Black
7 years ago

Ain’t nobody got time for her!!!!!