It’s Not Halloween Til a Celebrity Wears a Racist Costume! Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh Put Out Apology

Halloween. You can’t help but think of candy, trick-or-treating, and celebrities wearing racist costumes. It’s tradition at this point.

This year, Hilary Duff and trainer boyfriend Jason Walsh win the award of first misguided costume of the season. Walsh, white guy, dressed up as a Native American with Hilary Duff as a bottomless Pilgrim. Duff was mandated by Halloween law to make even a Puritanical Christian outfit somehow look slutty.

Of course, the couple got backlash and issued their apologies. Duff said she was sorry and that “it was not properly thought through, and I am truly from the bottom of my [heart] sorry.”

Walsh also apologized stating: “I meant no disrespect. I only have admiration for the indigenous people of America. In hindsight I would not have made that decision. I apologize to anyone I may have offended.”

Surely, the deep feelings this couple has for the plight of Native Americans will result in Duff and Walsh getting actively involved in indigenous causes. Or it’s a meaningless apology that no one will care about in two days. Only time will tell. Oh, time just got back to me. It’s the nobody cares option.

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