Pilot Threatened by Woman’s Shirt So They Kicked Her Off

Don’t let anyone tell you anything about racism except that it is alive and well. Just yesterday, a journalist that just happened to have brown skin was kicked off his United Airlines flight because her t-shirt and hat made the pilot uncomfortable.

She live tweeted the incident.

Well let me tell you something. That exact same A$AP mob t-shirt is my prized possession. I have it in white and black and I have flown United Airlines no problem wearing that shirt with no problem. The most s**t I’ve ever gotten is from an arrogant Air Force friend of mine who accused me of loving Pretty Flacko more than I love the United States.

And he’s right.

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7 years ago

A woman??? That’s a man that call himself a “woman.” He’s no more a “woman” than my dog is a cat. Just look at his Twitter page. He’s a he.