Who Raped Rose McGowan?

Donald Trump’s recent sexual assault allegations led to #WhyWomenDontReport blowing up on Twitter. So many women wrote about what stopped them from reporting their own sexual attacks. Rose McGowan also jumped in with her own allegations of rape by a Hollywood exec. Heavy.

That second tweet, “Because my ex sold our movie to my rapist for distribution”, obviously gets the guessing game started.

But we’re not gonna play that game.

In unrelated, retrospective film news, did you know Rose McGowan once had an affair with Robert Rodriguez? Rodriguez directed Grindhouse, which starred McGowan. From WWTDD:

“It was the worst-kept secret on the set. They were going off to his trailer, having meals together.  Rose thought some of the crew were treating her differently, and the attitude was, like, well what do you expect when you’re [bleeping] the director?”

The two would later go on to date. Also, Grindhouse was released by Weinstein Co., headed up by Harvey and Bob Weinstein.

Hey, did you know Harvey Weinstein groped an Italian model during a business meeting last year? From the Daily News:

Cops set up a controlled phone call with Harvey Weinstein and his 22-year-old accuser [Ambra Battilana] and — given the chance — he didn’t deny touching the Italian model…

Here’s Battilana’s story:

Battilana told authorities she was invited to stop by Weinstein’s Tribeca office for a meeting after they crossed paths Thursday night on the red carpet at Radio City Music Hall. But once she arrived at his third-floor office on Greenwich St. on Friday, she claims Weinstein asked if her breasts were real before groping Battilana’s chest and slipping a hand under her skirt…

Hey, did you know there have been a ton of rumors about Weinstein and his predatory ways? There’s a fascinating read here at Defamer. Sounds like this guy has the crustiest casting couch in Hollywood.

Check out this Lainey Gossip (via Blind Gossip) tidbit from 2009:

It was mystifying several years ago why she was hyped the way she was hyped. Just another starlet with no real significant starring vehicles somehow ending up with a prestigious magazine cover proclaiming her as the next It. Well It never happened. And after all this time and a string of failures, she’s been trying to change the course. So she’s gone back to the major player who tried to make it happen for her the first time. There was an arrangement back then – her sexual services for his professional services – and apparently the same arrangement was resurrected recently in the hopes that she’ll finally confirm a juicy role to kickstart a stagnant career.

One day late summer, they were joined in a hotel suite by a third gentleman (identity insignificant), both of them enjoying her as she allowed herself to be taken, and, um, decorated appropriately, all for a reward at the end of the session – the privilege of simply looking at a script, no promise, no confirmation…just an advance read. And a suggestion to show up at a premiere for a few introductions. She is so desperate, it’s been so meagre, she submitted to the humiliation although gamely seems to have enjoyed it. An actor after all, obviously able to shut out her husband and child waiting for her back at home.

And then he just cut it off. Told her he could no longer help her. That her body in his bed was no longer required. Which of course only added to her degradation. She tried and tried to offer up more, willing to engage in further depravity, but was only met with rejection. Because he’s moved on. He’s hunting his next target. A young, nubile, blonde babe with a large profile and a perky rack who so far has been able to resist his advances but is trying to graduate from supporting roles in film, as the fact that she’s a headliner on the small screen has not helped with the quality of scripts she’s being offered, or with many of her auditions so far. She’s currently waiting on a big break and he’s trying to make sure it doesn’t happen, so that in her disappointment, she’ll come running to him, ready to wheel and deal.

The comments guessed Gretchen Mol as the It girl and Blake Lively as the nubile, blonde babe willing to take her place. If Mol was banging Weinstein for a chance, a mere chance, to read a script, then she’s a really poor, naive negotiator. Gretchen Mol’s a 44-year-old Hollywood actress now getting small parts. She’s not an It girl anymore. And one day, Blake Lively will be a 44-year-old once popular It girl who allegedly banged for parts.

Where’s Judd Apatow’s rage about Harvey Weinstein? Apatow raged against Bill Cosby so hard, yet a source told Defamer that Weinstein would “make Bill Cosby look like a monk.”

Don’t forget about Ashley Judd. This is NOT about Weinstein. Buuuut, read on…

I was sexually harassed by one of our industry’s most famous, admired-slash-reviled bosses…

He was very stealth and expert about it. He groomed me, which is a technical term – Oh, come meet at the hotel for something to eat. Fine, I show up. Oh, he’s actually in his room. I’m like, Are you kidding me? I just worked all night. I’m just going to order cereal. It went on in these stages. It was so disgusting. He physically lured me by saying, “Oh, help me pick out what I’m going to wear.” There was a lot that happened between the point of entry and the bargaining. There was this whole process of bargaining—“Come do this, come do this, come do this.” And I would say, “No, no, no.”

The ultimate thing when I was weaseling out of everything else was, “Will you watch me take a shower?” And all the other women, sitting around this table with me, said, “Oh my god—that’s what he said to me too.” In that moment, I told him something like, “When I win an Academy Award in one of your movies.” He said, “No, when you get nominated.” I said, “No, no, when I win an Academy Award.” That was a small moment of power when I was able to contradict him and hold to my reality. And then I got out of there. And by the way, I’ve never been offered a movie by that studio. Ever.

Harvey’s girls is a whole thing. Alicia Vikander? Could be one. She’s in Tulip Fever released by The Weinstein Company. She also sounds very willing to do what it takes to be popular, even to get “decorated” by Weinstein. From Blind Gossip:

His girlfriend wants what his co-star has. An actor dating another actor and she’s getting a little obsessed with becoming the next superstar. Recently they were all at the same event together and she made it very clear, within earshot of others, in close proximity to her career target, that that’s what she deserves, that she has the talent, that she has it all. He seemed uncomfortable with how vocal she was about it, especially since the way she said it sounded really competitive and comparative, as though she thinks she’s actually better.

People have been guessing the girlfriend to be Vikander, her boyfriend to be Michael Fassbender and the co-star to be Jennifer Lawrence. Sooo, maybe Vikander’s been groomed by Weinstein since she’s in his movie coming out next year.

But, back to the main question: who raped Rose McGowan? Definitely not Harvey Weinstein.

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