Rejoice, Playboy Possibly Bringing Back Nudes

Last year, Playboy announced that they were getting out of the nude business. No one understood this decision, except that porn and nudes are so easily available online that they figured, “why bother?” But in covering women up, Playboy lost what made it Playboy.

Have no fear, Cooper Heffner is here. The son of Hugh, who will be taking over the company as the brand’s Creative Officer, spoke to the New York Post about Playboy potentially going back to nude photos.

“There has been no change of heart, and I continue to be well aware of what has made Playboy so remarkably special. Some aspects of the brand won’t alter, as there have been a number of successful creative and business pivots over the last few years that are worthy of celebration. However, as we close in on our 64th year as an organization, I can assure you certain aspects of our formula will change. We are currently implementing a creative strategy for the brand moving forward. Let’s just say, 2017 will be a big year for our rabbit.”

Alright, so this doesn’t exactly confirm things, but Cooper is 25 years old and grew up around Playboy. He didn’t have to beg his dad to buy him the magazine or try to steal it by disguising it inside another magazine, but he knows the struggle and the thrill of getting that magazine.

Sure, anyone can take a nude photo and post it on Snapchat or their own website that they created. But I believe that there’s still something special about being in Playboy.

God bless you, Cooper.

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