Richard Sherman Is a Wizard

In a move that is certainly going to get him fined because you’re not allowed to have fun in the NFL, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman showed up to Wednesday’s press conference dressed like Harry Potter.

Better yet, he did part of the press conference as a wizard. When asked how long it took him to feel human again after Sunday’s five quarter tie, Sherman replied

“Well, I’m definitely a wizard, so if you’re asking if I feel like a Muggle again, I don’t. But I started feeling better probably around late yesterday, last night, just getting more fluids in me and more energy, legs started getting back under me.”

Sherman quickly shutdown any notion that he was wearing, “a costume.”

“When you’re a wizard like we are out here, sometimes you have to show it to the Muggles out in the world. We’ve got a lot of wizards — my son’s a wizard, Earl Thomas does some magical things, Michael Bennett is Black Santa but he’s also a wizard — so you know, you just have a good time. I just went to Harry Potter land, I felt like that was home.”

Finally, Sherman explained just how tough the game of Quidditch is.

“Five quarters of football is pretty tough, but Quidditch — the beaters, the chasers, trying to find the golden snitch, things like that — that’s tough. Five quarters of football, though, in the elements, I’d say that’d take the cake.”

Sherman and the Seawizards head to New Orleans this week to try and prove that ties are a thing of myth and teams do win and lose games.

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