Science Says Vodka-Red Bull Is Just as Bad for You as Cocaine, No One Cares

It’s not the side effects of the cocaine.

I’m thinking that it must be those 45 vodka-red bulls I drank last night.

While science gets me and has proven that caffeine is great for you, and the darker you take it, the more likely you are to be a serial killer, apparently mixing caffeine and alcohol on the regular has similar effects on your brain as taking cocaine.

Now, if you have a vodka-red bull every now and again, you’re alright. But if you have 3 a night every night, you are not only an alcoholic, but an alcoholic that’s pretty much tricking your brain into thinking you’re a long time cokehead.

Purdue University discovered this by opening a mouse bar and serving a lot of hip young mice tiny vodka red bulls until they adopted stage personas and began recording groundbreaking prog rock albums.

Thanks Purdue University.

[Image: Flickr/Willliam]

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