Sofia Richie and Tobey Maguire? Just a Bullshit Rumor. Also, Gross.

Paparazzi swarmed Sofia Richie and Paris Hilton at Catch to ask about the status of Sofia and Tobey Maguire’s relationship. Rumors have been swirling that Richie, 18, is responsible for the breakup of Tobey Maguire’s marriage.

Richie did not want to answer, stating “Are you fucking kidding me?” when asked if she and old Spiderman were an item. She later looked annoyed as she was inundated by accusations of being a homewrecker, responding these are “dumb questions.”

In a bizarre twist of events, Paris Hilton managed to be the voice of reason. She stood up for her friend, asking photographers to leave Sofia alone and that this was all “bullshit rumors.” Paris went on to say that Sofia is young and single and isn’t thinking about any man at the moment. Plus, Maguire is 41 and old enough to be her father. Also of note, he currently has a gross beard, making the rumors seem all the more ridiculous.

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