Taylor Swift Is Not Welcome at Fashion Week

Despite her thin, regal nature and Midwestern beauty, Taylor Swift is not desired by the fashion industry following her single New York Fashion Week appearance. Having only showed up to the Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi show in an effort to maintain her good girl image of always supporting her friends, it’s safe to assume that Taylor is still in hiding.

But accounts from the show tell quite another story about how Taylor has left a bad taste in the collective mouth of the fashion industry.

Tommy Hilfiger hated her showbaoting in the front row at his show. Taylor screamed and hooted at Gigi Hadid the whole time, you could barely focus on the clothes – it was a runway show, not a pep rally.

And allegedly following her many public feuds and her penchant for lying, other designers are putting her on the ‘do not admit’ list for their next show. A source claims Phillip Lim is sickened by Taylor’s publicity whoring and Vera Wang has cut ties.

Just last year Taylor was such an It Girl but people are tired of how calculating and phony she is and once the fashion pack decide you’re not worthy, it’s very difficult to recover.

But in 2016 (almost 2017), our memory is only as long as a trend. Once the next feud hits (assuming Taylor is not involved), Taylor will be long forgotten.

H/T Celebitchy

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7 years ago


7 years ago

Funny how everything Swift wears is sold out the next day! They need her more than she needs them! And the source of you delusional ramblings is the Star magazine. Taylor was sitting next to Gigi Hadid’s mother and brother who were cheering Gigi right next to Swift. The show was billed as a carnival on a pier in NYC not some stoic show on Park Avenue! Martha Hunt was asked to snap chatt the show by Hilfiger for PR and the show got way more publicity with Swift there. Your pathologic hatred of Swift makes you sound like a… Read more »