Amelia Earhart: Still Dead, but Not Because of a Plane Crash

We’ve all pretty much heard the story about the tragic crash of female pilot Amelia Earhart. Well, it looks as though her end might not have been quite so romantic.

Researchers studying the images of an as-yet unidentified skeleton have given rise to the theory that she may have died (long after her crash) as a castaway on the┬áthe Pacific island of Nikumaroro, Kiribati while trying to make at least 100 radio transmissions for help. This conclusion came as a result of making comparisons to the forearms of the skeleton and how similar in build they are (allegedly) to Earhart’s.

Either way, the skeleton, by now is virtually dust at this point. And without having it physically on-hand, DNA testing isn’t really an option. Nonetheless, with this new theory in circulation, we are all eagerly awaiting Hollywood to pick up on the idea of scripting a film based around it so we can all flock to the theaters for someone’s interpretation of what those last days might’ve been like. Though unfortunately, either way, it ends the same.

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