Anna Faris Fined $5K After Her Shelter Dog Found Dying in the Streets of LA

LA animal shelter Kinder4Rescue is fining Anna Faris $5,000 after a dog she adopted weeks ago was found homeless and malnourished wandering the streets. After a vet scanned a microchip they realized that the owner was Anna Faris who had signed a contract with some weird stipulations when she adopted it.

According to a contract she signed, Faris could face a $5000 fine if she re-homed the dog without alerting Kinder4Rescue.

TMZ reports that Anna Faris and husband Chris Pratt are making arrangements to right the situation, which is good because it looks like they fucking launched the poor puppy out of a moving car and hoped it would die quietly or something. Or whoever they gave it to pulled that.

I hate people.

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