Anna Kendrick Hangs Out With Gays and Has ‘Girl Crushes,’ Does She Want An Award Or Something?

Straight people are hilarious.

Anna Kendrick has a memoir coming out called Scrappy Little Nobody, which is pretty funny. When you are one of the most famous straight people on earth and you are building your brand on being some kinda queer outsider I’m not about to read your book.

Celebitchy reported on her recent interview with The Advocate and it is surely a delight.

On all of her gay friends: “I don’t even notice it, but then I’ll think about my 10 closest friends right now, male and female, and honestly, they’re all gay. Gay people have just always been in my life.”

Oh boy.

On all her girl crushes: “Yeah. It’s funny, isn’t it? I can’t imagine how that manifests itself for straight men with guy crushes, but when girls have girl crushes, I feel like there’s this sort of puppy love that’s hard to explain. It’s not a grown-up attraction, but it’s not purely platonic admiration either.”

Just admit you think a bitch is hot, Anna. Or you kinda bi. Don’t give me this.

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