Anti-Trump Protester at UCSD Gets Hit by a Car

I dislike Donald Trump as much as the next guy. He faked it until he made it and now he’s wholly unprepared for what he has to do. Combine that with Satan incarnate, Mike Pence, whispering in his ear to electrocute gays until they’re straight and you slowly realize the next four years are going to be pretty trying.

At the same time, when you’re protesting this fact, don’t be a complete idiot about it. Like this group who thought it’d be a good idea to start marching down a major freeway at night.

A student from UCSD threw her hat into the running for the Darwin Awards Wednesday morning last week by walking with a group of protesters on I-5 in darkness. Hey, guess what happened? A car entered her safe space at high speed. Despite being knocked out of both her flip flops, she didn’t die which means the Live Leak theory has been largely discredited.

Luckily, she lived but most likely has a broken leg.

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Tim MacDaddy
Tim MacDaddy
5 years ago

Wow, Only an I-D-I-O-T would take a protest to a dark freeway at 1:30 am. It really shows you the ignorance and lack of common sense in some of today’s youth. It already makes their message look very weak. If you can’t get common sense right, then you don’t have a basis for any sane argument. Most of them don’t even look old enough to vote.

James Jackson
James Jackson
5 years ago

Good! Hope to hear about more of these thugs getting hit for being in the streets.

Will Vafuth
Will Vafuth
5 years ago

I have watched the video of the hit slowed down and zoomed several times. This Protester” did not get hit by the car. In the video, she can be seen facing towards the shoulder of I-5 while stepping backwards. The car, which was attempting to maneuver around the mob, was directly behind her and moving when she stepped.

This unwise person did, in fact, step backwards into a rapidly moving vehicle on a major interstate.

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