Bill Cosby Gets Back to the Top of the Shitty Human List, May Be Faking Blindness

Bill Cosby had a great run of being the shittiest person in the US, but was eventually over taken by Donald Trump. With Trump’s massive dominance of the garbage person list, Cosby’s just been sitting around waiting for someone to call him a fucking degenerate for months now. Finally, Cosby’s regained the spotlight and his rightful place as leader of the dicks.

How did he make a comeback? Well, his blindness is probably faked.

Cosby is claiming he’s blind and therefore cannot see and recognize his accusers. How sad. But the condition he has, keratoconus, is apparently curable and does not cause blindness.

Keratoconus is a corneal condition that causes the eye to bulge. Dr. Gregory Pamel, a leading corneal surgeon and clinical professor of ophthalmology at NYU School of Medicine who’s specialty is keratoconus, told Page Six, “Keratoconus is treatable…I am surprised they are saying he is blind. Keratoconus is not a blinding condition and should not be referred to in that way.”

Dr. Pamel went on to say that the disease progresses until the mid 40’s, then usually stops getting worse. Cosby is in his late 70’s. So, people think he may be claiming blindness to get sympathy or find a convenient reason as to why he can’t appear in court.

Hopefully, all the drugs he used on his alleged victims eventually robbed him of his sight. Blind or not, he deserves to stand trial, face his victims, and apologize to the nation for making us think Jell-O pudding was a good dessert.

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