Chili’s Denies Free Food to Black Veteran, Veteran Deserves Better Than Chili’s Anyway

Ernest Walker went to a Chili’s in Texas to take advantage of their free meal for Veterans on Veteran’s Day promotion. Unfortunately, Ernest Walker is black so the whole event became a parade of racism.

Quietly eating his dinner with his licensed support dog “Barrack,” Walker was wrapping up his meal. Unfortunately, a man wearing a Trump shirt started questioning Walker’s Veteran status as the waitress was packing up his dinner to go. Even though Walker had a military ID and discharge papers and the Trump supporter only had his white ignorance, the manager, Wesley Patrick, came out to ask Walker additional questions.

Manager Patrick continued to harass Walker and question why his fully marked support dog was in the restaurant. The manager then tried to take Walker’s food away and told him to leave, so Walker began recording the exchange.

The Facebook post featuring the video has over 6,000 shares and people were clamoring for Wesley Patrick to get fired.

Chili’s has now responded stating their apologies to Walker and that the manager has been removed from the restaurant.

From Chili’s open letter: “We took swift action and immediately removed our manager from the restaurant. We are now in the process of working with Mr. Walker on a resolution that promotes trust and healing.We are committed to making this right because this is not representative of what Chili’s stands for, where every day, in every restaurant, we connect, serve and give to create the best life.”

Hopefully Chili’s can move past this event and go back to serving shitty food.

And thanks again Trump supporters for assuming a black man couldn’t serve in the Army and treating a meal at Chili’s as though it were as valuable as gold.

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