Chinese Woman Buys House With 20 iPhones from 20 Different Boyfriends

On a Chinese blogging site, user Proud Qiaoba writes a lengthy story about how Xiaoli (a fake name) was able to buy a house by conning 20 different men into giving her iPhones.

The blog says that Xiaoli asked her 20 boyfriends to each give her a new iPhone 7. Every single one of them did and she sold the phones to a cell phone recycling site called Hui Shou Bao for about $17,750. She used the money to put a down payment on a new house and bragged about her genius scheme.

Though this story sounds 100% fake, the BBC investigated and it does seem to be true. They contacted the phone recycling center and found the center did buy 20 phones from one woman for the total she claimed.

Now that this story is public, guys who all bough new iPhones for their girlfriend are going to be pretty suspicious.

Though this scheme is just using and manipulating people, one can’t help but be impressed that anyone could have 20 boyfriends all willing to wait in line to buy the latest iPhone.

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