Conor McGregor Makes UFC History, Conquers Two Weight Divisions

A little over three years ago, Conor McGregor entered the UFC seeking to replicate what he did in his previous promotion, Cage Warriors. Hold the featherweight and lightweight belt at the same time.

Along the way, he ended up accomplishing more than that. Something that no fighter has ever done in the UFC. Run through the featherweight division culminating in a 13 second defeat of then dominate champ Jose Aldo, go up in weight to face-off with Nate Diaz twice going 1-1, generate more buzz than any other fighter, break every single pay-per-view record along the way and single-handedly help the UFC generate more revenue than they ever had which no doubt helped in their $4B sale.

Then on Saturday night at UFC 205 at a historical event at Madison Square Garden, their first since the legalization of MMA in NY, Conor did it. He became a two division champ.

Like a hungry dog to a bone, his left hand repeatedly found lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez’s skull throughout the first round before landing a four punch combo that sent Eddie to the mat and drained his life force in the second round. This was the first time anyone held the belt in more than one weight division at the same time. And of course, McGregor was nothing but humble about it in his post-fight interview.

Haha. Just kidding. He was a complete asshole about it.

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