Crowds Sticking Their ‘I Voted’ Stickers All Over Susan B. Anthony’s Grave

As Susan B Anthony led the US women’s suffrage movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, people are getting emotional on the eve of the probable election of the first female president.

Anthony is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York, and ever since early voting started, people have been honoring her by placing their ‘I Voted’ stickers on her grave.

In fact, the crowds have become so huge that the cemetery had to extend visiting hours. This has been going on since the primaries. Uproxx reports that according to the Susan B Anthony House and Museum executive director Deborah Hughes:

“Of course, Susan would be the first person to tell us it wasn’t done by one person at all; there were so many involved in the movement. People are connecting on a very real emotional level with that sense of gratitude and progress.”

Nice. As a female-looking creature, I am also glad that I got to vote in #Hellection2016. Also glad I’m not chained to a stove popping out kids for some drunk man that beats me. What a wonderful world it is. First lady president. Too bad she’s actually probably 10,000 lizards.

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Bob Frapples
Bob Frapples
4 years ago

Dumbasses. Nothing says respect that sticking stickers on a grave. smfh.

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