Distract Yourself From the Ongoing Chaos by Hearing Mandy Moore’s Cat Psychic Story

Sure, America’s nightmare came true last night, but let ‘s hear about Mandy Moore’s cat!

Apparently, Mandy Moore’s cat, Addison, wouldn’t stop crying. Since animals usually can sense things humans can’t, the cat probably predicted the electoral outcome.

Moore, at wits end, called a cat psychic to ease her Addison’s poor mind. Mandy didn’t give the psychic any information other than the cat’s┬áname and the psychic had an unusual prediction. Apparently, Addison didn’t like his name and wanted to called Figaro cause he loved singing.

Mandy was skeptical, but when she called for “Fig,” the cat stopped crying immediately.

So, today as you’re mourning the loss of a sane nation, know that at the very least Mandy Moore’s cat has found it’s true calling.

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