Drake’s Latest Crush: Doris Burke

When Drake isn’t making music with Taylor Swift or switching team allegiances, he’s usually creeping on Doris Burke.

Such was the case as last night’s Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors game, where Drake wore a shirt with Burke’s face that read “Woman Crush Everyday” underneath. During the game, Drake spoke about his boo.

I think she’s a stunning woman. Incredible at what she does. I wish she was here tonight. But just sending all my love to her… I don’t know what camera to look at but (mimes kisses) blowing a lot of kisses.

I love Doris with all my heart so hopefully she knows that she’s ‘woman crush everyday.’ That’s why I wore the shirt… let her know dinner at my house anytime (as) long as she comes alone, you know?

Doris responded, which means we’re definitely going to get an emotional song titled “Dinner at Doris'” on Drake’s next album.

No word yet on how Taylor or Rihanna are taking the news, but with all of the traveling Doris does, Drake will likely be calling on them on their cell phone late night when he needs their love. Real soon.

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7 years ago

Made me smile, nice piece. +1 for you.