Are Gwyeth Paltrow and Chris Martin About to Consciously Re-Couple?

Only three months after filing for divorce, it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are about to get back into it. Which is really weird considering that over the course of their several year split Paltrow said that Chris Martin was like her brother.


White people at it again with the inbreeding.

A source told Radar:

“Both Chris and Gwyneth have tried and failed to move on … she really misses his companionship. They might have had a bohemian marriage, but it worked. She’s beginning to regret pulling the plug. She and Chris actually had it pretty good.”

What the f**k is a bohemian marriage? Eating moon dust and having assistants raise your children?

Both are with other people, but apparently Paltrow’s relationship with Glee producer Brad Falchuk isn’t doing all that great and she’s ready to get back with the world’s most boring frontman.

Oh joy.

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4 years ago

Wait… a dig at white people, who could be the writer of this piece? Oh Isadora. I’m shocked…

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