Moroccan State TV Shows How to Hide Your Bruises With Everyday Concealer

People are up in arms over a makeup segment on a morning show in Morocco gone awry.

The Moroccan state funded program Sabahiyat featured a segment on how to cover up facial bruises from your husband beating the s**t out of you. A makeup artist gleefully paints over the deeply bruised and swollen face of a woman who will most likely return to her attacker later that day.

The makeup artist said she hoped the tips would allow everyone to get on with their daily lives with greater ease. Who would want the embarrassment of people knowing your husband beats you? Now you can just cover it up and smile and hope you don’t do anything to upset your dear loved one again.

Immediately, people went nuts. On social media, women came out in droves to criticize the segment and chastise the show for its blatant sexism and low-level endorsement of domestic abuse. A petition was passed around to demand an apology from the program.

The station has removed the video and sent out a “clarification” on its Facebook page. They said the segment was “completely inappropriate and has an editorial error of judgment in view of the sensitivity and the gravity of the subject of violence against women”.

The clip has been copied to Twitter if you’d like to get enraged about something different today.

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