Jennifer Lawrence Compares Her Vagina to a ‘Wet Sponge,’ Fears for the Future of Humanity

Jennifer Lawrence does a million movies, so she has to do a million interviews. In a Q&A for Vanity Fair about her new film Arrivals, she brought up some odd topics.

J-Law said she has an irrational fear that Zika will end overpopulation in the world. She compares her line of thought to a Kurt Vonnegut short story. “…everybody has to take these pills to make your private parts feel like wet sponges and then nobody can have sex and no one can procreate.”

Jennifer is afraid that this fictional book might come true. She continued, “And so by the time I’m older, and I’m like, ‘I think I want to be a mother,’ they’re like, ‘You can’t, your private part feels like a sponge.’”

Though Zika and my pussy turning to a cleaning product are not high on my list of worries, it’s interesting that Jennifer ponders these things. Though it’s a pretty odd topic, I’d rather hear about Kurt Vonnegut and the end of procreation than her telling an interviewer for the 100th time how much fun she had on set and how the cast is like a family now.

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5 years ago

The movie is Passengers. Quit your job already. You suck. Does no one proofread anymore?

PS–sponges are great for soaking things up. Just like Jlaws vagina.

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