Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Engaged?

The two blandest and least interesting people in the entertainment biz might just have found each other forever at long last.


We all know that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are doing it and he wants to marry the s**t out of her, but ever since she was spotted at The Polo Bar in NYC on Monday with a massive ring on her left hand, everyone is asking if Orlando Bloom and his surfing dong popped that question.

The pair have been dating for ten months. Take a look at this s**t. It’s pretty engagement-y.

Look she’s even holding it out toward the camera for no reason. She wants you to know she’s tapping that 4 time elf 87 time pirate. Let’s get a closer look.

BAM. That’s some oval cut yellow diamond realness. How long until the very expensive, but very bland wedding?

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