Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Split Up, We Only Knew They Were Dating Cause We Saw Orlando’s Dick

Well, another sad day for lovers in Hollywood. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have ended their 10-month relationship. If you forgot they were in a relationship, you probably remember Bloom’s naked paddle boarding photos. If you look away from his wang long enough, you’ll see Katy Perry’s there, too.

There’s conflicting stories about the break up from both sides, one claiming the Orlando ended it because he wasn’t ready to get married and start having babies. To be fair, he’s only almost 40, how can you expect a man of that age to settle down.

Yet, other reports claim that Perry ended things. “She said they were on different life paths and as much as she likes him, it’s time to move on,” said an inside source. So, I guess either way, they didn’t really like each other so they moved on to f**k other hot millionaires.

Surely, they’ll both be dating again soon and we’ll have another break up post for you. Hopefully, Orlando’s nude paddle boarding habit will continue with his next girlfriend.

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