Lady Gaga Ra-Ra’s Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump will be our next President and, predictably, many are unhappy.

Lady Gaga is one of those unhappy people. Following the official announcement that Trump had won the Presidency, Gaga decided to park a sanitation truck in front of Trump Towers and hold up a sign that read, “Love trumps hate.”

Implying that our President-elect is unsanitary and blocking people for entering and exiting his building doesn’t seem very loving to me. But after last night, everything I know is wrong, so maybe this is the new love. 

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5 years ago

The go to card now of the progressive–calling everyone who does not fall in line with their thinking a hater. How loving.

Yeah, The Donald is an assclown. But calling people haters so flippantly and easily is a huge mistake, and one of hte reasons Trump Won. Average Americans got sick of being called racist, haters, homophobes, xenophobes and all other types of phobes for standing for traditional values, or simply for having a different way to look at police shooting, welfare issues, marriage, and many other issues. The name calling is petty.

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