Major Plot Twist: Woman Soliciting Sex for Nachos and Money Is Not Me

In Beaver Township, OH a woman was caught in an undercover sting operation tryna trade sex for $60 and nachos.

Imagine being the police officer on that undercover mission.

The undercover officer met prostitute and nacho fan Crystal Hotlosz in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant after they found her advertisement on Youngstown’s Backpage website. She describes herself online as both “A BBW goddess” and “Thicker than a Snickers.” According to 6ABC, police said that she was “very adamant about getting the nachos.”

S**t. I would be too. Nachos are fucking important.

Hotlosz was arrested and charged with solicitation and possession of criminal tools. Damn. Drumpf ain’t even in the White House yet and having a pussy is a criminal tool. Smh.


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