Man Steals Cop Car, Streams It on Facebook Live

On Monday, John Pinney, 25, decided to say “f**k it” and stole a cop car in Tulsa while the driver, who left her keys in the car, was on a coffee run. He then cemented his legacy by using the cop’s own iPad to stream his joyride on Facebook Live.

A woman notified police after Pinney got into the car and asked if she wanted a ride. She didn’t, by the way. Pinney led the cops on a chase all over Tulsa County. At one point, he lost the cops during the 30 to 40 minute chase, but was sighted again and captured at his parent’s house.

Pinney faces 9 charges including resisting arrest, two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, false impersonation of a police officer, reckless driving and not wearing a seatbelt. That last one is bullshit though because he made it a point to buckle up. Luckily he has this video to prove his innocence. On that count.

Pinney’s past record includes 4 years in prison for receiving stolen property, malicious injury to property and possession of a stolen vehicle and 5 years probation for stealing a vehicle. He received a four-year suspended sentence in Tulsa for assaulting an officer.

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