Martin Shkreli Releases New Wu-Tang Clan Music, Is Still A Garbage Person

If you thought Donald Trump winning the election was bad, here’s something to make you feel worse: Martin Shkreli is still relevant because of it.

Back in October, Shkreli tweeted, “If Trump wins, my entire unreleased music collection, including unheard Nirvana, Beatles, and of course, Wu-Tang, comes out, for free,”

America held up their end of the bargain, and so did Shkreli, playing parts of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin on Periscope. Shkreli then insulted people on twitter, including Hillary Clinton, and continued to be the only person in the world who could make Donald Trump look like a good person.

Martin better protect his neck, because I hear that Wu-Tang Clan aint nuttin ta f**k with and he’s really fucking with them right now.

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