Miley Cyrus in Tears Over Hillary’s Loss, Is Surprisingly Articulate for Miley Cyrus

Today on Facebook and Twitter, Miley Cyrus released a video displaying her sadness for Hillary’s loss and acceptance of Trumps win.

The former Bernie supporter said she was unhappy that Clinton lost, since it was a job she earned and deserved. “That’s what makes me so sad,” Cyrus said into the camera while beginning to cry, “Is that I just wish [Clinton] had that opportunity, because she’s fought for so long, and because I believe her when she says she loves this country.”

Miley isn’t all vitriol, but accepts Trump as our new President and urges fans to keep her rosy outlook. Speaking of the Trump win “…that’s fine. That’s fine.” “Fine” being the most positive adjective anyone’s used about the election thus far.

If Miley Cyrus is our positive voice of reason in the wake of this news, perhaps America is worse off than we realize.

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5 years ago

Can’t wait for her impending move to Canada. Which by the way, seems extremely racist to me. Why do all celebs say they will move to Canada, but none to Mexico??

5 years ago

Whatever it takes to get on the news….whatever it takes

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