Old Fucks Screwed an Entire Generation Out of Access to Education, And Now We Test Really Shitty

Damn, if only y’all old fucks knew more about emojis and less about devastating the environment and housing market in blind consumptive lust.

A new study by nonprofit Educational Testing Service stacked up American millennials’ skills against those of people in other countries, and those of other generations. We fall flat in pretty much every way compared to everyone.

We scored lower than 15 of the 22 participating countries in literacy.

Wow. It’s almost like basing your entire education systems on tests which put high pressure on kids without teaching them any real life skills doesn’t work.

We ranked last, along with Italy and Spain, in numeracy.

Wow. It’s almost like forcing teachers to live basically in poverty and treating them so terribly that most of them burn out in under five years doesn’t yield great results.

Even the top-performing (90th percentile or greater) U.S. millennials didn’t do all that great compared to the rest of the world — they still managed to score lower than the top performers in 15 of the 22 participating countries.

Wow. It’s almost like living in a country where you have access to high quality education without it forcing you into horrible debt for the rest of your life gives people an advantage or something.

I’m 24. I had no input in creating a test based unrealistic system that reduces kids to numbers and teachers to proctors. I wasn’t the guy that yanked all the money out of public education to pay for a sick phoenix back piece. Too bad for these assholes, despite being pushed through all that s**t, I can still read anyway. Don’t try to pin your mistakes on me on your way into the grave, crypt keeper.

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5 years ago

Instead of trying to blame your failures on old men, kiddo, try pulling your head away from your smart phone for 1 minute. Life’s short…

5 years ago
Reply to  Rev

Or try seeing the fact that the last 8 years of the Obama Education system and its indoctrination program that is low on actual learning skills and high on turning kids into easily manipulated people is a huge problem. Common Core is a flaming bag of turds that is to blame for this. It is an abject failure in teaching needed skills, but a massive success in being able to gets kids to fall in line with liberal ideological views.

Too bad Isadora is too stupid to see it. She woke, but dumb. Just as the Obama machine wants them.

Perry de Havilland
5 years ago

Oh I guarantee you, in a year (hell, probably in a month, before he is even sworn in) every one of Obama’s failings will be “because Trump”. And suddenly all the vast expansions of state power Obama’s supporters cheered will now be terrible, awful, unconstitutional “because Trump”. Huge expansion of NSA under Obama? Silence. Extensive use of rule by executive order? Silence. And of course, all that is now the new normal, all that is what they have just handed to Trump. Nice one, lefties, did you not for a moment think “what could possibly go wrong with that?” No,… Read more »

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