People Burning New Balance Shoes After They Came Out In Support Of Our Brand New Rapist In Chief

Firstly, I am all for setting anything you want on fire.

Kinda tone deaf of New Balance to go off celebrating Trump’s presidency when he lost the popular vote and half of the country is in the streets protesting. They were pissy because the military didn’t take their shitty shoes, pissy because of TPP, and now I guess they are out to get their terrible revenge or something.

New Balance tried to play it off like them celebrating the victory of a man backed by the KKK is totally chill and whatever. Of course, no one is buying that s**t and they jumped straight to lighting their shoes on fire.

Like this guy.

A lot of people even probably staged throwing the shoes away.


Do what you have to do to feel better about the impending McCarthy era part 2 I guess.

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