Pissbaby Ryan Lochte Threw a Fit After Being Kicked Off of DWTS

Looks like Ryan Lochte is a bad liar and also a sore loser. Sources told RadarOnline:

“After Ryan lost last night, he freaked out backstage because he honestly thought that he was the one to beat.”

You ain’t gonna beat the gymnast on land, flipper.

“On his way out, he snapped at one of the producers for no reason and he did not thank everyone. He stormed off set without even saying goodbye!”

Ryan Lochte somehow managed to be a more controversial contestant than Rick Perry, a notoriously homophobic jackoff on a sequin studded dancing show. After lying about being robbed at gunpoint during the Rio olympics, he was literally attacked by protestors at a show taping.

“Ryan caused so many problems in the short time he was on the show and the people on set could just not stand him anymore.”

Wow, so you’re saying that Ryan Lochte is a dick? Shocking. He will not be missed on Dancing With The Stars. Or at all.

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5 years ago

Slow news day, Isadoara? DWTS elimination news is about bottom of the barrel. Poor Blemish. Must be low on cash and can;t buy any good photos today.

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