Ronda Rousey Will Be Done Fighting Soon

Ronda Rousey hasn’t fought in a year and she’s already talking retirement.

She’s scheduled to fight Amanada Nunes on December 30, her first fight since November 2016, where she lost by brutal knockout to Holly Holm.

Speaking to Ellen, Rousey said the fight with Nunes is, “definitely one of my last fights.”

If she loses, it’ll probably be her last fight, especially if she handles it the same way she handled the Holm loss. I don’t know what she plans on doing in her post-fight career. Hollywood is an option, but there are plenty of pretty faces who shouldn’t speak in LA.

The sooner Rousey leaves the spotlight, the better. She’s a terrible person who says terrible things, but people overlook it because this is the same country who voted Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate.

She could always get a job in the UFC as Dana White’s personal assistant, but his creepy obsession with her could lead to a lawsuit or two.

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