Shelley Duvall is Suffering From Mental Illness, Dr. Phil is a Dick

Shelly Duvall hasn’t appeared much in public lately. Sadly, it’s because she’s having severe physical and mental difficulty.

On a new promo from Dr. Phil, we find that Shelly Duval looks bedraggled and sick. The clip only features her saying crazy things like the fact she thinks Robin Williams isn’t dead, but is a shapeshifter and that the Sheriff of Nottingham is harassing her. Though there is probably no context for those statements for them to seem sensible, it seems that if one was trying to help her, they wouldn’t use exclusively super insane stuff in the promo. But maybe Dr. Phil isn’t that worried about helping?

Though Duvall is clearly suffering and ends the clip with “I’m very sick. I need help,” something feels terrible about dragging this woman back into the public eye just so people can make fun of her hair and say how fat she’s gotten.

Could it be that Dr. Phil, who no ones given a f**k about since Oprah went off the air, is trying to get himself into the public eye? He still could have done a special on her after he gave her some help, then done some before and after bullshit about what a miracle worker he is. But no. He’ll interview a sad old lady at her weakest moment and televise it. Super helpful.

Though it’s good that anyone is trying to get Duvall the help she desperately needs, I don’t think a dramatic, Hard Copy-esque TV special is the way to do it. And Duvall, please don’t go to Dr. Oz next. He’ll just make you take bogus pills and look at your poop. It’ll make you sicker.

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7 years ago

How the f*** is exploiting people like this considered entertainment?

7 years ago

Her current picture makes me want to test out the German Shoelaces on her. Or the German Squeegee. Urban dictionary