Single White Female: World Edition

This raises a lot of fucking questions.

So, have you heard of famous travel Instagrammer Lauren Bullen aka Gypsea Lust? This chick who makes her fortune traveling around the world with her bf and taking jaw dropping photos?

If you look closely, you’ll see that Instagram weirdo and super rich serial killer diana_alexa has heard of her.

Now you are probably asking yourself, is some crazy white girl spending excessive time and money stalking some other white girl across the globe and imitating her insta-bullshit?

Yes. She is. Even down to copying her poses.

And her fucking outfits.

If you think Bullen is just an asshole bragging about her vacations, she’s not. She and her boyfriend work with companies, who pay her to fake brag about her vacations. Imagine all of the fucking time and money this crazy bitch has to hop around the world staying in places that look like this

Just to rip off another successful Instagrammer and only get 83 likes.

Bullen called her out and she’s since gone on private, but this s**t is mad weird.

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